Don’t tell wordpress, but I’m kinda missing my LJ blog. Hihihihihihi.


Hmmm. Anyway. It’s been a hectic week this week. No wait. It’s been a hectic month. This January, I don’t think we had a weekend without a gathering at home. Our house was the venue for one gathering after another, which ended with Enzo’s 13th (whole-day) bash.

Take note: we don’t have helpers, so daddy and mommy did all the cooking, cleaning and everything! Ate, Enzo and I helped with some of the simple tasks. Hehe. I am really amazed at my mom’s ability to multi-task! Whew!

Work has picked up gradually as the month progressed. I’m really settling into my tasks here. Sometimes, I miss coming up with ad concepts so when I’m asked to do something like that, I get really excited. But I’m generally writing articles, press releases, updates, while scheduling my own interviews, trips, etc. An AE and writer’s job rolled into one. In a weird way, I’m actually enjoying it.

My lomo love has reached new heights! Thanks to Mike’s contacts from work, I get to HOARD film and discover new techniques in taking photos. Woohoo. =) Happy. =)

I can’t wait to go out of town for a photo shoot. I’m terribly disappointed that the Barx didn’t go through with our scheduled Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Trip to Clark. =( Would have been really fun. Oh well, beach nalang tayo, guys!

Found a really cheap underwater camera for Mike. We’re so psyched to use it! 😀

Toy Camera Scoreboard: Mike = 3; Tanya = 2. Hehe. 😀

<sidenote rant>     I hate people who sneer at Lomo and say, “Oh, the Lomo Thing? That’s so uso now, everybody’s doing it na. Why don’t you just use digicam and Photoshop?” Eh. Yes, it’s popular. No, you can’t. Cause the unexpected results of film is part of the fun. And I also hate the Kewl Lomo Guyz who think they’re the shitness n’ stuff just ’cause they carry around a plastic camera. Honestly, some guys just do it for porma and pa-cute. D-U-H. That is so not it.     <end of sidenote rant which didn’t turn out to be a sidenote after all.>

Watched P.S. I Love You last weekend. Gerard Butler is such a hot Irishman! Hihi. I can’t get over his voice. I always expect him to go 300 on us. Haha.

I can’t believe Federer lost to Djokovic and I didn’t even write an entry about it. When I heard the news from daddy, it felt like Heath Ledger all over again. Really. I was that incredulous. Hmm. Good thing Djokovic won the title, and that I like him because of his silly and spot-on impressions of Rafa, Sharapova, and Roddick. Hehe. And, yeah, YEY for Sharapova! I loved watching her match against Ivanovic. Parang beauty pageant. Hahahaha. But seriously, they’re both good. =) Can’t wait for Ivanovic to develop her skills. =)

Notice how I ramble when I’m trying to escape writing a boring real estate news article? *sigh*

Back to work!



Woohoo. Saturday was the bestest Saturday EVAR.

– Enzo’s 13th birfday partaay — food, food, and more food (plus, FRUIT SALAD. beh. =p)
– Sharkboy texted me in the morning that doggie DJ was missing since the night before, and we got really worried and sad. =( Then he came back by lunch time!!! Weeeee! Silly dog was just out looking for chicks. Heehee. Give Dijong a giant hug for me, Sharkboy!
– relatives came over to visit. Gifts galore for Enzo!
– Sharkboy visited by afternoon, bearing Stikfas tidings for Enzo. Hehe.
– After heavy merienda (with FRUIT SALAD. beh =p), Enzo, Sharkboy and I assembled Enzo’s toy loot (which included a Stikfas vehicle, and alpha males that Sharkboy gave). Needless to say, we enjoyed it as much as the birthday boy did. HAH.
– dinner with another set of relatives (and tessa’s boylaloo hehe)
– back to the toy factory, this time with Enzo’s auto kit. It’s a really cool Toyota Celsior which you can spiff up with a new spoiler, wheels, skirts, practically new everything! COOLNEZZ. again, we enjoyed the toy as much as Enzo did.
– And finally, I’m saving this for last, ’cause I’ve got pichures to show for it. My first published photo. Woohoo. =)

January 26, 2008. Saturday


Huwaw. All those lomo photos…

… and one of them is mine! 😀

*happy dancing*

Sharkboy’s too! (with better placement pa, ’cause he’s right there at the top)
Congrats Sharkboy!
Thanks for informing me of this, and for the extra Inquirer copy. =)



Bye, Brad

I know. Every girl within my age range will write about him and his death. And I will, too. Because he was one of the first few guys I ever felt kilig for (next to Keanu Reeves). And because he had such promise and talent, and heroin just killed it all. =(

So, goodbye, Brad Renfro. When everyone was going ga-ga over Devon Sawa and JTT, I was head over heels for you. Because you looked like you didn’t care about fame and all its glory. Because you had the best acting skills among all of them. And because you played the young Brad Pitt in the movie, Sleepers.


 And just so you know, you were the one who introduced me to Chuck Taylors when you wore them a lot in your movies. Thank you. =)

Postscript: Isn’t it sad and kind of morbid that he’s probably at his most popular when everyone heard that he died? =(

Houston, we have a problem…

And her name is Diana F+.

Just when I thought I’d gotten over my fixation over the Diana+, or in buying another lomo camera, the Diana F+ is born. Oh my.

Just to give you an idea of how much I want this, let me tell you a secret: I really originally wanted to get a Diana+ as my first lomo camera (NOT Holga the Horrible, but don’t tell her that!). Alas, the Diana+ was not available and so I ended up getting the Holga. And then I got the Fisheye 2, and I thought I was already taking a break from my lomo madness.

But now, THIS! *sigh* I think I’m in love. And not even the romantic kind, it’s like seeing your baby for the first-time after you’ve given birth to her and you can’t help but smile and get teary-eyed with the sheer joy of seeing her.


Just check her out. She reminds me of glamorous old Hollywood. *drools*


Would you check out that flash? So purdy!
And a built-in colorsplash, too!
How adorable is that itty-bitty hotshoe adaptor?
GRABE. I sooo want a Diana F+.

I haven’t been this scared since The Ring

I had absolutely no expectations when I watched I Am Legend. From people’s comments, I found out that only ONE person really liked it. The others found it bitin.

So… about a quarter into the movie, I was surprised that I was actually SCARED SHITLESS. I mean, DAMNIT. Nobody told me it was gonna scare the eyeballs off of me!!! People’s reactions towards the movie were so nonchalant that I was actually afraid that it would be boring.

Guess not.

Geez. I swear, in some tense scenes, I wanted to leave the theater, if it was only well-lighted. So I sucked it up and gripped my lemonade tumbler until I could watch without squinting again.

Barring my gripes from being really scared, I loved the movie. I didn’t find it bitin at all, and Will Smith is such a good actor. I cried in one scene =(, ’cause he was just so good emoting on his own.

Will Smith can really commandeer a whole film all on his own. I never once got tired of his presence on the screen. And he makes it so believable. It’s really like Castaway, only better. And less one volleyball. Haha.

So, I liked it. My first movie of 2008 turned out to be surprisingly fun. Yay, me. 😀


The trailer for The Dark Knight turned out to be a little… dull, or maybe anti-climactic. Ironman looks like fun, in a non-blockbuster way, and I cannot wait to see Matthew Fox in Vantage Point!

Ok, enough fan girling. Heehee.