It’s been hectic. And crazy. And I need a moment. A blog break.

I get so impatient for things to happen sometimes. I feel that I look too much to the future, to what I want, that I forget to live in the present. I keep on saying, “someday…” that sometimes, I forget to live in the Now.

I’m scared. Things overwhelm me sometimes (this is work, friends). So much to do. I take on so many things, so many little tasks I’m not sure if I’m mature enough to handle them.

I’m scared of time passing, too. April will come and go in a blink, next thing I know, I’ll be shopping for Christmas again. Next thing I know, I’m old and whithered and nothing to show for it. 😦

I’m scared of who I’m becoming… 😐

Geez. I think my blog break just stressed me out more. BLECH.