Food Diary: Day 3

May 30, 2008. Friday.

BREAKFAST:  Oatmeal (no Milo this time)

LUNCH: Tuna Tekkamaki (4 rolls), Chicken Teriyaki, half-rice, water

MERIENDA: Munggo soup (random! haha)


Tortang Talong, less than half a cup of rice, water
Ice Monster Peaches (Teaser serving)

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Walking from Glorietta 4 to Greenbelt 3, in heels, while dragging an over-curious, precocious three-year old. =)


Food Diary: Day 2

May 29, 2008

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal mixed with half a sachet of Milo

LUNCH: Lechon Kawali and half-rice, water

MERIENDA: 5-pc Chicken Nuggets

DINNER: Shrimp and Garlic pasta from Conti’s, Cheese Puff (1pc.), orange juice

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Walking from Paseo cor. Makati Ave. to Pacific Star Building. IN HEELS.

Breakfast is made for surveys

Found this survey somewhere (I can’t remember from whom, sorry). Hehe. I’m stealing!


1. Hoy! ‘Wag ka nga masyado mag ingay!

2. Bilihan mo nga ako ng pagkain sa cafeteria.
* sige, bilhan mo rin ako

3. Crush ko yung bf/gf mo ngayon.
* Talaga? Ako rin eh!

4. Ang boring mo kasama.
* Ang boring mo kasi eh.

5. Pakopya naman ng assignment sa math.
* Game. Pero kinopya ko lang din ‘to ha?

1. Ang cute mo naman.
* Nyorks. *kilig*

2. Pautang naman.
* Ang jologs mo naman. *kilig*

3. Crush ko yung bestfriend mo.
* Shet. Bakit?

4. Pwede ba makuha yung cellphone # mo?
* Ang corny naman ng paghingi mo. *kilig*

1. Mas maganda ako sayo!
* BWAHAHAHAHA! Insecure ka.

2. Yuck! Ang baba ng grades mo sa math.
* Competitive ka rin, no?

3. Ano? sabunutan na lang?

4. Ang baduy mo manamit.
* Ikaw ‘siyana!

5. Kami na ng ex mo.
* Past is past. I’ve moved on.

1. Hindi ka lalabas ng bahay.
* Kahit mall? hehehe

2. Hindi ka na makikipagkita sa mga friends mo.
* why not?

3. Hindi ka na papasok sa school.
* tapos na po ako mag-school

4. Pupunta ka na dito sa America.
* nasa America kayo?

5. Bakit may love letter ka sa bag?
* Heeheehee. We’re just friends!

1. Cleaners ka nang 1 month.
* Nooooooooooooo!

2. Hindi ka papasok hanggang wala ang parents mo.
* What’s the point?

3. Mag sa-summer ka.
* Nyah!

4. Bagsak ka sa 2 subject.
* Nyah ulit!

5. Ililipat kita ng section.
* Dun sa section ng crush ko ha?

Food Diary: Day 1

Because I’m getting um… plumper, I’ve decided to come up with a food diary. I’ll post everything I’ve eaten daily, so I’ll pay closer attention to what I eat. =) I’ll start with yesterday’s err… food binge.

DAY ONE ( May 28, 2008 )


Oatmeal mixed in half a sachet of Milo
Oatmeal cookie, short cafe latte

Lunch: Menudo, half-cup of rice, water

Merienda: macaroni salad with half an Italian sausage, C2 strawberry

Dinner: Beef Kebabs! and rice with butter, iced tea

Going Full Circle

After staying away for a year and 4 months, I’m going back to the world of advertising. I spent 9 months writing for websites, and 7 months doing PR, and those jobs have been fun. But this opportunity knocks, and I just had to grab it, or else I would never stop wondering what new adventures I would be missing.

Call me a serial monogamist when it comes to jobs, but believe me, it was a tough decision. In the end, I had to follow my gut feel. And my gut said to take this job.

It was embarrassing, having to tell my superior that I was resigning, after only 7 months working for the company, but I really had to do this for myself.

Ikaw naman ,” Sharkboy said. He couldn’t have said it better. He’s been enjoying his job, passionate with his work, still excited over new projects. And maybe he sees the same excitement from me this time. Maybe he sees how giddy I feel just at the thought of being able to immerse myself (fully) in advertising again. I thought my last advertising job put me off from the industry forever, but apparently not. Once you’ve tried it, it’s really hard not to go back.

And he’s right.Ako naman.” I think it’s time I pursued a career, not just a job. Since I resigned from my first job last January, I’ve been pursuing “transitional” jobs. Maybe this time, I’ll stick to this, even after the honeymoon period is over.

And so I’m doing it again, saying my goodbyes, squaring off my shoulders to face a new world. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to make the most out of it. There are sacrifices I have to make, new discoveries, new learnings, but it will work out for the best. This time, I feel I’m actually heading somewhere.

So, wish me luck as I start this new job. It’s my time. =)

Man of the hour

I’ve watched Ironman twice, and it still rocks the second time you’ve watched it. Hihi =) After all the reviews the bottomline for me is this: If Stark wasn’t played by Robert Downey, Jr., the movie would have failed. HE SO TOTALLY ROCKS!

I just realized that RDJ, everytime he surfaces from his addictions, comes up with such good movies (and TV guestings). Remember ‘Chances Are’ with Cybill Shepherd? Or ‘Only You’ with Marisa Tomei? or ‘Heart and Souls’? I loved his movies.

Then his second coming – his stint as Larry in Ally McBeal. I loved that character. He really made Ally less neurotic. And he’s so romantic too. This is where I first found out that he could sing. We even bought the OST where he sang a couple songs. So talented!

Anyway, here’s one of my favorite scenes from that season. He sings with Sting! *squeeeals*

Enjoy. =)