Yeah, ’cause you’re so gorgeous.

I heard from mass that people who insult people in a vile and malicious manner are merely INSECURE.

They prey on people and insult and make fun of them because they think that they will appear better by putting other people down.

To this person, we all say, “Awww, dearie… you don’t have to do that. We all understand your pain and insecurities. Now run along and move on.”

*pats back encouragingly*


Araw ng Kalayaan

Maraming nagsasabi, “Hindi magandang panahon ngayon maging Pilipino.”

Kung ano-ano na ang nagaganap – katiwalian sa gobyerno, pagtaas sa presyo ng mga bilihin, dayaan sa eleksyon, pagdakip sa isang kilalang manunulat.

Maraming problema, at ang masasabi ko dito – ngayon ang pinakamagandang panahon maging Pinoy. Dahil tayo ay kilalang matatag, masiyahin at madasalin. Kung mayroong isang bansang makakalampas sa ganitong mga problema, iyun ay ang Pilipinas.

Kaya ipinagmamalaki ko: Pilipino ako! At ipinagdiriwang ko ang Araw ng Kalayaan namin ng taos-puso. =)

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! =)


Hihihihi =)

I thought of going back to the first ever survey I answered on my blogs, and found this. I went ahead and answered it again, just to compare how I changed in the almost three years since I first answered that survey. My present answers in ALL CAPS. 😀

September 21, 2005
JUNE 4, 2008

1. What is your full name?
Tanya Cerina Valenzuela Cinco

2. What color pants are you wearing?

black pinstripe

3. What are you listening to right now? conversation from the other cubicle, Aqua’s Turn Back Time (old school! haha)

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Dear Chuvaness,

Not everyone has watched the whole season of Gossip Girl. Would it be so hard to put your Gossip Girl spoilers under a freaking LJ cut?

I like your blog, but please refrain from posting spoilers without warnings next time. 😐

P.S. I can’t wait to eat at Pepper Lunch. It looks really really YUM.


Dear Maria Sharapova,

Please stop choking on your matchpoints. Or if you intend on doing it, please don’t let me stay up late to watch you.

P.S. I really like your earrings. 🙂



June 1, 2008, Monday

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal cookie, short latte

LUNCH: Pancit canton, one piece chicken from Chowking, 1 glass of Coke

MERIENDA: Brownie, Tall Zen Iced Tea

DINNER: Baguio Beans in oyster sauce, half-cup of rice, water

Food Diary: Days 4 and 5

May 31, 2008, Saturday


LUNCH: Patatim (ang jologs, anong english nito?), 1 cup rice, water, avocados with milk

MERIENDA: Banana loaf, gatorade

DINNER: Max’s Chicken, Lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton, 1/4 cup of rice, water (I WAS HUNGRY. SHUT UP.)


June 1, 2008, Sunday

BREAKFAST: cornflakes with milk, water

LUNCH: Le Ching spareribs (yum!), 1 cup of rice, 2 pieces of siomai, half can of coke

MERIENDA: cheese popcorn, Big Chill apple and mango shake (shared with Enzo)

DINNER: Double Cheeseburger Deluxe, Coke Zero


The Sharkboy Boitday Countdown: 16 days remaining! WOOT! =)

Huwaw. 0__o

Mike brought his collection of Transformers to show and tell to Enzo and the kids last Sunday. OH WOW. I still get boggle-eyed whenever I see his collection all together in one place, transformed or otherwise. We had a mini-photoshoot, albeit with a kikay, homey curtain backdrop. HAHAHAHA. Here are some photos. =)

Ang powgee!

Old skool Bumblebee

Bee VS. Bee

Autobots, roll out!