Toy Town

Sharkboy and I went on a toy expedition last Friday. Off we trooped to the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, intending to get Bumblebee of the animated line of the Transformers franchise. After a highly nerdilicious discussion on the merits of Bumblebee, and a debate on whether we should get the ADORKABLE Bulkhead, we decided to just hold our horses and get it next week. Heehee.

So we were on our way to the counter, when we spotted a flash of yellow. I was immediately attracted to its bright yellow and gray color. I turned towards the shelf and found the most adorable pair of round eyes staring back at me. ICK. I was in love. And like a little spoiled kid, I cooed and giggled at the little toy until Sharkboy relented and bought it for me. HEE.

I’d like you to meet Wall-E: