Book Review: Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

Now that November is nearing, and the hoopla over the Twilight series is reaching a ridiculous fever pitch, I’d like to review it now.

I just can’t help it, the more I hear people raving about these books, the more I think I’m crazy for not liking it. Anyway, I’m preempting myself.  Let me start again.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Twilight is a series of vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer. It follows the love story between Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Bella Swan, a mortal. Set in the cold, rainy village of Forks, Washington, the story delves into the seemingly impossible trials of a vampire, as he falls in love with a human he wants to devour. YUM.

Well, okay, that’s an unfair and blunt synopsis. But, you get the point, human falls madly in love with a vampire, vampire wants to drink her blood but falls in love with her as well. Conflicts and a hell of a lot of drama ensue.

Honestly, I enjoyed the first novel of the series, aptly titled Twilight. I couldn’t help but be swept under the Bella-Edward romantic spell. It was riveting. It was all about having that high school crush for the seemingly unreachable hot guy, and finally realizing that he likes you after all. Except that he has this deep and dark secret. It’s Sweet Dreams with a bite (pun very much intended, thank you).

I read the series at a feverish pace, because I merely borrowed the books, and I wanted to return them quickly. Also, I wanted to find out what happened. I think reading it non-stop worked greatly against my interest for the novels. By the middle of the second book, I was sick of the cloying, obsessive ramblings of Bella.

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Talecraft Tales

Sharkboy and I saw this contest a few weeks ago while shopping at Powerbooks. Of course, since we’re a sucker for geeky card games, we bought a box of Talecraft cards.

It’s so much fun playing this game. Being the competitive *ahem* people that we are, we go crazy trying to top each other’s stories.

Anyway, Sharkboy got this brilliant story in his mind about a vampire without his fangs, and he decided to submit his story as his entry for the contest. He got in as a finalist, and proceeded to present his story yesterday at Powerbooks.

I wasn’t able to watch him, though. =( My family and I had to visit Ima at the cemetery to avoid the All Souls’ Day rush next weekend. I arrived at Powerbooks, about an hour late. EEK. Sorry Sharkboy. =(

Sharkboy got into the top 5 and participated in the on-the-spot story-telling stage. Though he didn’t win the first prize, judges approached him at the end of the contest and complimented him on his Fangless Vampire story.

So… being the proud Whoopsy that I am, I am bragging and gushing over his work. 😀 It’s really well-written, using rhymes as his device. So the whole story has this lyrical, almost sing-songsy quality to it. The story itself of the Fangless Vampire is funny but Sharkboy made it even funnier with his use of this device. In the end, it came out, a little ironic, very funny, witty and heart-warming (actually, very much how Sharkboy is. HEE.)

This isn’t the first time he’s used this device. He also used this when he wrote another short story for me on my birthday. That wasn’t ironic, that was very very sweet. =)

ANYWAY. Enough with my melting gushy, mushiness.

The news HERE. And Sharkboy’s story HERE. YAYS!

Note: We have a certain aversion to vampires these days, thanks mainly to Edward Cullen’s ismoot-iswabe brooding that’s winning everyone’s hearts. So we would always talk about creating a vampire character that defied all the brooding, emo qualities of vampires as we know them. This is probably Sharkboy’s attempt to come up with one. =) I must say, this Fangless Vampire has endeared itself to me. Hehe.

Blog Block

I’m on this major blog block lately. I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to talk about. Hmm…

I’ve been trying really hard not to go TMI* on you. So a rambling story of what I’ve been doing lately is a no-go. I don’t wanna jinx certain plans, so I refuse to post it anywhere in the blogosphere.

Which leaves me stuck. UGH. I hate that.

I really want to write about the Obama-McCain elections, ’cause it’s really interesting. But… as if I know anything about politics.

I do have something to say against Sarah Palin though. I don’t like the way she’s playing up that charming facade. I don’t buy it. Even I know it doesn’t take good looks and quirky, cute quips (“You betcha!” and soccer mom jokes) to be second-in-command for the most powerful country in the world. I mean, COME ON. She gives women a bad name. She showed how… un-informed she can get (Hello, Katie Couric), thus making it seem that all women can ever do is be pretty and charming. GEEZ. Thank God for Tina Fey. Now that is wit.

Anyhoo. That’s that for the US Elections.

Hmmm, I want to watch a movie. But I don’t know which one to see: Max Payne, Body of Lies or Tropic Thunder?

I just finished reading Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and it’s a must-read. Really well-written. It turned a simple story into something unforgettable. I loved it.

I haven’t been writing much poetry lately. Hmmm… maybe soon. I think I need a fresh approach.

Oh would you look at that? It’s a blog entry! *sighs*


*TMI = Too Much Information