Remembering 2008

I figured this is the only free time I’ll have before 2008 comes to a close. As all Holidays are, it’s gonna be busy with all the parties, gatherings, and the super-long vacation we’re having this year.

So I’m handing in my year-end reflections for the year that was.

If there ever was a theme for 2008, I’d have to say it would be a Year of Improvement for me. 2008 was the year I sat up and took stock of who I was, acknowledged that there’s a lot to be improved on, and started taking steps to do something about it.

It was the year I became completely honest to myself, my family, friends and everyone else.

There are some parts of 2008 I’d rather forget, but in perspective, paved the way for the improvements I’m working on right now. So… it’s all good. Every minute of 2008 happened for a reason. Everything worked to make things much, much better for us.

2008 was a year of extremes. Sadness for unexpected goodbyes, and joy at unexpected acceptance. There were a lot of tears, which was made up for by hearty laughter.

My relationship with my family (my parents, mostly) has improved. I’m more open with them now, and I’ve got less angst to deal with. As my little brother is getting older, I’m becoming closer to him (though he’s getting so much taller than me!). My sister and I are the same, we’ve had some violent arguments (not entirely new for us. Haha), but all in all, we’ve got a general understanding of what we’re going through right now, relationship-wise. Hihi.

I don’t exactly know how to define my relationship with Sharkboy these days. It’s matured greatly, while at the same time, we still enjoy an element of new-ness. There are ups and downs. I’ve grown exponentially brattier this year (eep), but we’re working on that. Suffice to say, I’m learning to be more honest with him, especially when it comes to my emotions and my thoughts. This came about from unexpected circumstances this year that brought us much, much closer than we expected.

Above all else, I’ve improved my relationship with myself. I’ve learned to accept that things cannot be what I want it to be. I am not anymore resentful of my weaknesses, and grateful instead for my strengths. I’ve learned to recognize what I want, and strived to learn more about them. I’ve taken up various classes, and read more books to enrich myself. I’m keeping myself occupied with various pursuits.

Some things never change though, I (again!) transferred jobs. I am planning to stick to this, though, since a.) I like what I’m doing. Really. b.) I don’t have the right to be dissatisfied what with the state of our economy these days, and c.) I need to receive a non-pro-rated 13th month pay next year. HAHAHA.

All in all, I’m very grateful for the year 2008. It’s a transitional year for me. I really think that I’ve grown this year, and I’m entirely grateful to the Lord and to my loved ones for helping me reach this state I’m in right now.

I face 2009 with an optimism and an excitement that I haven’t felt in a long while. I feel that I am at a cusp of something big. Maybe 2009 will hold the future for me. Maybe it’s gonna be another transitional year for me, either way, you bet I’m gonna hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

I hope you guys feel the same way about the coming new year. =)

Have a blessed Christmas and a great great New Year!


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