Blog Update!

Heeeeeere we go!

LJ. For the survey posts. And the purdeeeee layouts!
Tumblr. ‘Cause Tumblr rocks. And I like making lists.

I have rediscovered my appreciation for wordpress. So I’ve been updating more frequently. HAH. My multiply site has turned into a photodump. Everyone’s so lazy to update anything over there. Facebook has turned into my mobile phone. It’s where I keep in touch with all my friends.

I have not succumbed to Twitter yet. I prefer Plurk for those kinda things. 😉 Is there an online blogsite/social networking site I have not attempted to join? I think not. I am keeerrraaaazeee that way.

And speaking of crazy, would you believe I am only just watching the Saw movies now?
Horror flick FAIL. I am having a marathon tonight!

Anyone want to scream with me?

Spring has Sprung

I’m in that mindset again. The gloomy skies are gone for now.
Thank God for that.
I think I’d like to pass on anymore rollercoaster rides, thank you very much.
Perhaps it’s that new set of clothes I got. Haha. Loves it.
I’ve stopped trying to diet, ’cause I only end up getting horribly sick. UGH.
Healthy eating it is. I cannot win it all. Haha.
I want to take up badminton again with my family. Please, dear family, let’s move on na! Hihi.
You know what I realized? It’s not cool to be someone you’re not. So, if you’re not who you were before, and are acting all different and shit, then that’s NOT cool. But if you’re comfy in your own skin, and live life according to what you really believe in, then THAT is cool.
In the same manner, do not force other people to be like you. Steady lang, guys.

And finally, please enjoy this blast of Spring Fever. I leave you with this cutiepie. ❤


image from:

It’s Not Over Yet!

WOAH. It feels like Christmas here!
Sharkboy surprised me with Count Dooku and R2D2 last weekend! [Pictures to follow. I want to post non-crappy photos this time.]

Aaaaand… the lovely and adorable Mozarella from the Moofia line of Tokidoki!!!

Moofia! Mozarella! I am seriously in Tokidoki heaven now. Here’s a quick glimpse of my kick-ass Moofia Leader. So cute!







Toy Looting

I fell in love with the Clone Wars toy line when Sharkboy made me watch the movie last month, and we checked out the toys afterwards.

I just love the way these toys were designed. They’re sleek, streamlined and stylized. So very, very delicious to look at.

So, anyway, I went on a spending spree after that, and bought Ahsoka, a Clone Trooper and Ventress. Of course, once I started with this toy craze, I couldn’t stop buying. So over the Labor Day weekend, we went to the Toy Kingdom sale and got new toys! Sharkboy bought Shockwave from the TFA, and I got Anakin Skywalker. I swear, I never once thought I’d be able to get this figure. So when I saw him, I grabbed one without thinking.

Then the next day, while hanging out in Greenbelt, we saw the lovely Amidala. Oh dear. I knew I exceeded my toy of the month expenses already but I couldn’t let her go. I knew she’d be gone before the week ended. Yikes. Good thing, Sharkboy, being the toy collector that he is, understood my err… frustration, and bought Amidala for me! *YAY* My eyes just about glazed over in delight. I love this boi. Haha.

And so, without further ado, I present to you, my two newest toys. My apologies for the pathetic photos. I REALLY need to create a macro box. Haha.

dsc_0090Anakin! Hawt!


The Lovers

[Articulation of both characters isn’t as satisfying,
but the cool costumes and detailing make up for it.]

More photos:


Guess who spent that insane amount on toys?

Relax, it’s neither me nor Sharkboy.


Yep, that’s TGWSAIAOT*
Yes, he exists. Yes, we know who he is.
And NO, he doesn’t regret one peso he spent on his purchase.

*The Guy Who Spent An Insane Amount On Toys