New Theme + EYE CANDY

So, I finally got around to choosing a new theme for my blog, and redesigning a new header to suit it as well. I’m not entirely happy with it yet, the booger-green color accents are leaving me a little MEH. But all in all, I think I can deal with it.

Of course, redecorating/housekeeping entails a much-needed blogwarming party. Thankfully, my boys came to celebrate the new digs with me.

You’re welcome, ladies.

RDJ, you know I love you.


Oh hello! Stop smiling at me that way Mr. Ryan Reynolds. 😉


Mr. Schuester (and fellow Gleeks)! You had me at 'Golddigger'! :">

*All photos taken from People’s list of Sexiest Men Alive. Thank you, People Magazine for bringing us this list every year. ❤




Christmas Wish: FOUND

In general, I limit my love for techie stuff to photography-related items. I desire the coolest laptops just because I want to have the perfect storage and post-processing medium for my photos.

I’ve never owned a Gameboy, a Nintendo DS, a PSP. Neither do I have an iPod.

But now, I do believe I have finally met my match in all things gadgetry. And it isn’t related in any way to photography.

Meet my Heart’s Desire:


Hello, Love. I've been waiting for you all my life.

This is the Nook eBook Reader. A portable eBook Reader. It can hold up to 2GB worth of eBooks, which is, around 1,500 eBooks.


I am hyperventilating. Somebody please calm me down. You see, aside from that ginormous amount of memory space, the battery can last up to TEN DAYS without recharging. Oh, it’s also WIFI ready, so you can instantly download eBooks from anywhere. O_0 I swear. Someone please get this gadget over here pronto!

Anyway, here’s the link to the product, in case none of you understood my exhilarated gushing.

I think it’s an exclusive Barnes and Nobles product. That lessens the possibility that it will ever be sold here. =( Oh well, if not, maybe I’ll just hope for a Kindle. 😮