How many beauty products do you use daily?

I chanced upon an interesting question while blog-hopping today: How many beauty products do you use in a day?

Of course, given the opportunity to list down things, I got right down to it.
Here goes:

  1. Shampoo – usually Sunsilk, I rarely get any build-up from this brand, so I use it all the time.
  2. Conditioner – I sometimes use Sunsilk, sometimes I use L’Oreal. Depends on the state of my hair, actually.
  3. Body Wash/Soap – I alternate using this. Soap dries out my body, but body wash is a bitch to wash off. If it’s too hot for body wash, I use soap instead. I only use J&J for these. On special occasions, I use Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Body Wash.
  4. Cetaphil Facial Wash – I literally found the perfect facial wash. It doesn’t dry out my skin, and I rarely breakout any more.
  5. Toothpaste – nothing satisfies my need for minty freshness like Colgate.
  6. Floss – I just recently picked up this habit. I’ve been particularly squeamish about driving a strand of thread between my teeth, but FINE. The dentist told me to.
  7. Mouthwash – rinse it off with a non-alcoholic mouthwash. I don’t like Listerine ’cause my tongue always feels burnt after I rinse with it. It’s too minty for my mouth. For when I feel sore throat-y, Bactidol works, but blech on the taste.
  8. Contact Lens Solution – Ah. Not exactly a beauty product. But I’m adding that here.
  9. Nivea Body Cream – the only form of moisturizer I can stand in this sticky heat. Not too heavy, so it’s not at all sticky. It’s for babies, actually, but it works for me!
  10. Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF – I am very lazy with applying products on my face. So this moisturizer and sunblock combo works just for me. It doesn’t leave my face oily, and makes my skin glow.
  11. Body Shop concealer – for my tired eyes. Just a dab on the corners and undereye.
  12. The Face Shop blush – blush on my cheeks, just to get rid of my deathly pale face. HA.
  13. Nude/Light eyeshadow – a few swipes to open up my sleepy eyes. I skip this step, though, when I’m rested.
  14. Lancome Mascara – a few swipes on my lashes, and I feel made up already. Perfect for daily wear.
  15. Burt’s Bees lip balm/Blistex lipbalm with SPF – alternating between the two all day.
  16. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume – my absolute favorite perfume. Love the light, citrusy scent. I hate heavy-smelling scents.

So, there: SIXTEEN! Whew! And I thought I *was* low-maintenance.

So how about you? How many beauty products do you use everyday?


Restless and a new theme

So, yeah. Another new theme.

This yellow pad layout reminds me of college days, when our professor taught us to write via stream of consciousness. We would do it first thing in the morning as soon as our eyes opened. We’d give ourselves 5 minutes to write about everything that came to our minds.

It was fun. It ended up being a dream journal of sorts. I got a lot out of it. I do believe I still have those yellow sheets with me. I need to find them and laugh at my old self for being: a) a drama queen, b) LAME, c) such a n00b at life, and d) too optimistic to be real.

Now, I’m rambling. And writing as if it was another stream of consciousness exercise. Well, damn. If this theme was meant to bring that out in me, I’ll probably be back to my old lame self by the next entry.

Okay, I’m out. I can’t seem to conclude entries properly now.