…and so you live your life, and things seem normal. And you realize that the world could be a better place. No dark clouds hang. And then you are rudely interrupted by a speed bump. A rudely misplaced happenstance. And your world shakes, and you are taken aback. Your melancholia, it eats at you. Yet it merely resides in your head. It poisons the people around you. And you revel in the power you cast over others. You start to believe that nothing is wrong with you. You force your own filth down people’s throat. You make yourself believe you are doing yourself a favor. And you live in this fairytale land that exists merely in the convoluted mess of your thoughts. And you think you are the princess, awaiting your prince charming to come slay the demons from your life. But the prince never comes. And you blame everyone else. But yourself. You live your life, thinking you glitter and sparkle in a tiara so brilliantly shined to perfection. You do not know the truth. The Demon is You.