The Brat has Left the Building

The past few weeks have been such a challenge for me and Sharkboy. We’ve been adjusting and readjusting since both our work schedules got muddled up. It’s been tough for us, ’cause I don’t really know what to expect, and unfortunately, it has led to me being such a complete brat and bitch of a girlfriend. And I am extremely ashamed at my behavior. I know it can’t be easy for him as well.

Last night, after weeks of fighting and making up, we finally had a breakthrough. We had a talk, as we usually do, and somehow, it all just became clear to me. It’s really not my place to get mad, or expect for anything. It’s not our choice, growing up means that we have to make sacrifices. It can’t always be us spending unlimited time together. It can’t always be just me and him all the time. And, like a puzzle had been solved, I finally got it.

Sharkboy was smart enough to tell me, weeks ago, that “Love is never giving up.” It is fighting the fight, no matter how difficult it is. It is driving from Makati to Manila, at 10 in the evening, just to spend an hour together. It is waiting for hours, to give someone a giant hug at the end of his tiring day. It is being patient. It is choosing to love, day in and day out.

And I got it, loud and clear. What we have, it is special. It was never a question of whether or not we loved each other. It is simply finding the time to let each other know that. And somehow, in the busyness of his work schedule, Sharkboy never once failed to show me that he loves me.

I know that it’s still going to get tough. I know that the next few months, the upcoming events, will make us see each other less. But having this certainty — the two of us, certain of our love for each other — it somehow makes it easier.

And I will hold on to that thought, and get my strength from it. So when I find myself missing him terribly, I’ll just remember what we talked about, and be happy with the knowledge that we are lucky, extremely lucky, that under all the circumstances, out of all the people in the world, WE FOUND EACH OTHER.

My dear Sharkboy, I am sorry for being difficult the past few weeks. I will be better now. Thank you for never giving up. ❤


2 thoughts on “The Brat has Left the Building

  1. 🙂
    thank you 🙂
    he he no need to apologize. Everything that happened is part of growing up. And through it all
    I’ll always be the lucky one. And you know that.
    Thank you and I love you. 😀

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