Before the first week of 2011 ends, let me hand in my Resolutions. I’d rather call them promises to myself, though. There’s a more personal ring to it, and I am bound to follow through on them. Anyway, here goes. The list is a bit long, as I’ve got much to improve this year.

1. Complete Project 52. I was able to post half a year’s worth in 2010. This time, I should finish it. Also, I promise to come up with better quality photos.
2. Eat and live healthy. This means, more fruits and veggies in my diet. Less junk food. More oatmeal. Walk more, exercise more, sleep earlier.
3. Less bratty, more trusting. I’m just gonna stop stirring the pot. Last night, I let one issue go. It’s done. Everything has been said. Time to move on.
4. Save, save, save. I’m setting a goal of 500/week savings (minimum). Shopping gods, please help me cooperate.
5. Love my eyes more. Geesh. I almost wore my right eye to blindness this year. Corneal scars can do that to you. So, healthier habits for my eyes. Less contact lens, more eyeglasses. Sucks, but yeah.
6. Less book purchases. Now that I can read ebooks with my dear LilyPad, I can download (free!) ebooks now. Yay! I’m gonna miss the smell of new books, but I’ve got to do my part for the environment, too!
7. Better time management. I haven’t been spending my 24 hours properly. I should learn to maximize every hour to accomplish more. Internet gods, help me cooperate.
8. Write, write, write more. I should ALWAYS bring a notebook and pen with me wherever I go.
9. Practice drawing. A drawing a week, maybe? Just draw.
10. Believe in love. Most of the time, my issues would stem from the lack of belief that Love is strong enough to win. Love will win. It always does.

There. 10 Promises to myself and to my loved ones for 2011. Some may be shallow, but they form habits that lead to a better attitude. Here’s to an awesome year ahead!


Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

2010 has been a rollercoaster ride. Some parts were extremely exhilarating, other parts disappointing, and some were flat and uneventful.

I’ve grown older this past year. I’ve become more jaded, less of a romantic, and definitely less of a Pollyanna thinker. It’s sad that a part of me has let these child-like notions go. Believe me, I didn’t want to. But sometimes, Life just deals you one blow after another, and you lose your grip on the things that used to drive your thinking. I honestly don’t know how in the world this happened. Suddenly, things don’t seem to be as crystal-clear as I thought it would be.

Suddenly, Love has changed its meaning. Now there’s more than just one kind of Romantic Love. Suddenly, affection and attraction are sinister concepts. It’s scary. Granted, these aren’t *MY* experiences. But they ARE happening. Everywhere I look, heartache and complications. I admit that they have affected me a lot, hence, the jaded-ness, the fears and resignation.

It makes me want to kick 2010 in the butt. Good riddance.

But then again, I hold on to that optimistic side of my heart. And I realize that I am still lucky. I am with the Love of my Life. I am making so many memories with him. I have a family who supports and loves me, no matter what I do, what I have achieved. I have traveled so much in 2010, strengthened my friendships, loved like it was the first time. I still experience MAGIC in my life.

And so I say instead, Thank you, 2010. You’ve made me lose a small part of my happy thoughts, but you’ve definitely made me stronger. I don’t want to see you again, but thanks for passing by.

And I welcome 2011 with much relief and hope. Hope that things will be better. That I will be better.

Come in, 2011. I’ll go right ahead and claim you as mine.