Bulleted is all I have time for

* Seriously, my days are filled with writing, writing, writing.
* Not that I’m complaining.
* I didn’t shut down my laptop for two weeks straight. I just couldn’t be bothered with closing all the documents one by one, and reopening them the next day.
* I worked on an Online Marketing plan in 48 hours. ALONE.
* The Marketing budget, I did in two weeks. HEE.
* I am a nomadic employee. For serious.
* I’m gonna have a room I can call my own! YAY. Cannot wait to spruce it up.
* Gradually crossing things off my bucket list. Happiness.
* Okay, I gotta get back to work.
* Lemme end with a photo of Sharkboy’s Snake Eyes toy. ‘Cause we are both in ninja mode these days. Photo is also part of my second attempt at Project 52.