2011: So far, so good

April is almost done, and I should say that 2011 has been action-packed so far.
I’ve been on this new job for a month only, and it feels like I’ve been working for years already. From Day One, I hit the ground running. I haven’t taken a breath yet.

I am loving every minute of it.

There is something addicting about getting things ticked off a long list of to-do’s. There is something exhilarating about coordinating with half a dozen people for a single project. Most of all, there is nothing like the thrill of getting your event underway, seeing all your hard work paying off.

Plus, I get to wear pretty clothes! I love it when I find excuses to wear something special. =p

So far, Mike and I have been on our toes with work, with our sideline jobs, and with squeezing as much time as possible to be together. I’ve got to hand it to him, he really works hard to make it work between us. Despite his many shoots, his meetings and the stress, he manages to “come home” to me. There is nothing more gratifying than ending a long, stressful day with your Best Friend and Love. ❤

Yeah, that's 4 months of 2011 in a very quick nutshell. I hope the rest of the year will be even better.