Snowflakes on my Blog

Seeing my blog with snow left me nostalgic.
I used to be one of those people who didn’t understand why the Holidays always seemed to carry with it a tinge of melancholia. These days, I realize why Christmas can be this Season of Feelings, so much feelings.

It’s more of a combination of Nostalgia for more innocent Christmases, of Joy and Excitement for the coming celebration, of Sadness of people who you will no longer spend Christmas with, of Hope for people who you WILL spend it with, and Gratitude, blissful gratitude that we are even celebrating Christmas at all.

I guess, that’s the Magic of Christmas – it evokes all of these emotions, all of these moments, and memories. And it makes you want to get out there, away from the daily grind, so you can create even more memories and moments to be nostalgic for.