Of Goals, Dreams and Tomorrows

2012 was an unexpected favorite. I didn’t think that it would be as epic as how it actually played out. For one thing, I didn’t plan everything that took place last year. It’s such a wonder how life hands you one blessing after another.

I remember starting 2012 with the promise to myself that I would create awesome memories every month. And call it goal-setting, or attracting the fates, but awesome things just started happening. In 2012, I was able to watch concerts (Katy Perry, JLo), visit gorgeous, beautiful places (Korea – twice, New York City), and met new friends. It was a year of reconnecting with old friends, rediscovering relationships and generally opening myself up to people.

I cannot say enough how pleased I am with how 2012 turned out. ❤

This year, I plan to make it just as awesome. This time, I want to achieve creative goals. Last year, I allowed myself to let go, to rediscover myself thru traveling, friends, books and movies. Now I’d like to turn those discoveries into actual creative outputs. So, I would like to set these goals for myself:

1. Complete Project 52 – I began this a couple of years ago, but was not able to complete it. I think it’s time to revisit this. Just some general rules: a) the photos I take should be taken with my DSLR; and b) it has to be taken on the week that I am posting it in (I kinda cheated the last time I did it)

2. Create A Poem a Month – crappy or not, I should be able to produce at least 1 poem a month. I’ve been neglecting this sorely for the past 2 years, and this is me making a conscious effort to resurrect my poetry.

There. 2 major creative goals. I hope I am able to complete these. ❤