So Another Chapter Begins…

I’ve been stuck since my last entry. As soon as I wrote it, things went crazy. But now, things are settling, things are becoming clear. I now set about on another journey. Nothing new in my life, really, but this time, I’m ready to go to adventures by myself. Over the past few months, I gradually came to realize that it’s not so bad being alone. In fact, right now, that’s exactly what I need. I need to be okay with myself. I need to explore who I am and actually like what I see.

And so I will.

This text, written by Kate Bartolotta, is a delight. I’ve reconfirmed several things about myself. Reading the whole text, I find myself giggling at the truths behind most of the lines. I am this person. And I would love to explore myself more.

Here are some excerpts, some lines that hit home for me.

Hello, world, this is me. 🙂

If you love a writer, you will be immortal. She will capture you for all time as she remembers you walking with snowflakes gently falling in your hair, or the way you looked at her right before the last time you kissed. She’ll use a turn of phrase—or an inside joke—to include you in her work…

I’ll let you in on a secret: she likes her alone time… She loves having time to get lost in her world of words, and sometimes forgets to stop to eat, or shower or spend time with people. The world on the page is as real and important to her as the “real” world. So if she bursts into tears over her cup of Genmaicha, don’t take it personally. She finally realized how to end her story and is going to miss her characters terribly.

If you want to give her a gift, think metaphor—not cliche. Skip the roses and give her daisies. Better yet, send her some of her favorite tea or a book that made you think of her. Give her bits of stardust and remind her that life is much more than just words on a page. Remind her that some of the best stories are collaborations. Write her letters and she’ll keep them forever. Write her a sonnet and she’ll keep you as well.


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