Tuesday Thank You’s

Another day, another promise to create more blog entries, and to write in more than just 140-character lines. I think I can start by resurrecting my Tuesday Thank You’s weekly post. I haven’t been as thankful as I want to be, there are so many things to celebrate and be happy for right now. ❤ So, here goes nothing:

  1. Friends. For every job switch, I gain a new set of friends. They make insane days bearable, and boring days insane.
  2. Words. I have so much love for the written word. I’ve been updating my journal quite regularly. Been motivating myself to write more poetry. How awesome to create something out of random dots in space.
  3. Life’s Little Surprises. This needs a proper blog entry, but I need to thank the Universe for always giving me these little surprises that make life so magical.

Let’s start with 3. Honestly, I can’t wait to get started on that entry about life’s little surprises. ❤


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