Project 52: Week 7/52

For Enzo, who is obsessed with cars. 😀


Heartbreak from Typhoon Ondoy

I didn’t think it would be this bad. I didn’t think it would happen. Not to us. Those things are seen only in newspapers, in the news. Not to us. We’ve had rough storms before, but it wasn’t so bad, we would be okay. It wouldn’t be so bad. Not to us.

But it did.

It was like watching a train wreck. We watched, in horror, as the flood waters rose. We had already put up some of our stuff, emptied the lower drawers and cupboards, but it still continued to rise — past our shins, past our knees. Our container of medicines and vitamins toppled over, the water threatened to flood the television set, already perched on a much higher table. Our couch, already on top of two chairs, suddenly gave and floated away. We were on the verge of hysteria. The dirty waters were ruining everything my parents worked hard for.

Outside, in our garage, were our cars. We didn’t know where to put them. The waters rose, and rose and rose. Until we looked inside, and the interior was flooded. Everything inside the car was floating in the murky, muddy waters. Our hearts broke. Not the cars. All the others, we could wash, we could leave under the sun to dry, BUT NOT THE CARS. =(



But it happened. Such damage. When the waters subsided, our cabinets were warped, the wood softened by being soaked for two days. The cars are ruined. Outside, it was a wasteland. We were devastated.

But then we saw the news. People were dying. People were stranded on rooftops. And then we realized, we were one of the lucky ones. It is painful to see your belongings ruined so helplessly by the flood, but even more painful to see those in need on TV.

We are the lucky ones. We are alive. We have the means to get back up and move on with life.

And so we will. We will be grateful. And we will give back. I never fail to thank the Lord for sparing us, for sparing Sharkboy’s family who live so near the area of devastation.

So, as a sign of gratitude, I am paying it forward. I am spreading links, ways to help out. There are hundreds of us who were spared. It is time to help out and act like a true Filipino. This is our heritage.

Here are some links, where we can find ways to help out:

Very detailed list of venues, ways to help from blogger Bianca Gonzales

Philippine National Red Cross (you can even send a simple SMS to donate cash! so easy to help)

Tulong, tulong tayo, Pilipinas.
God help us all. God bless us all.

Photo Dump: 2nd Philippine International Motor Show

Long-overdue but I’m posting anyways.

Compared to last year, the set-up of the cars weren’t as crowded. But it lacked the wow factor that I felt last year. Maybe because I’ve seen most cars already from the autoshow last summer. Plus, since we went on the last day, there were too many people to get clear shots of the cars. Sigh. Oh wellz. Next time, we’ll come early.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos.

Ready… Set… Go!

The Limited Edition Vios is cool (but red-hot).

Some ethnic beats from the Honda Jazz section
No photo of the Honda Jazz – there were too many people.

Understated luxury. Love this BMW.

The cute Suzuki Swift!
The poor man’s Mini Cooper. Haha

YAY for more Hybrid cars!
This reminds me of Malibu Barbie!

GM’s set-up is my favorite.
Lookie! Almost like a game show set. Hihi.

Ironman’s wheels – the Audi R8 (WOW)

Good thing we got decent pictures of the R8,
despite Audi’s snotty (and unecessarily rude) crew.*

I like this set-up. It’s not too garishly made and I like the
red paint done in matte texture.

A happy balloon! I couldn’t resist. Hehe

Kia went all-out.
It’s cool to see such a clean engine!

Crash Test Dummies
The Volvo mascot and Enzo with his appropriately-themed environmental shirt.

*  *  *

* Imagine being awed and excited at seeing such a cool car (Audi R8), and then having a snooty Audi crew tell you to back off in a rude way (“Psst, tabi!”) Well, excuuuuuse me. Don’t we even deserve a ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Sir’ and a polite “Please be careful around the car”? Tsk. Such a turn-off. 😐