Catching up on Project 52

I’ve been a bit lazy busy lately, hence, the delay in uploading photos. Though late in posting, I *have* been shooting these photos on the required weeks. So it’s all good, right? Right?

Anyway, here are Weeks 22, 23 and 24:

WEEK 22:
These are literally wildflowers, they just suddenly grew from a crack in the wall.
They bloom and wilt almost at the same day; I was fortunate I was able to shoot them (it) at the right time.

WEEK 23:
Cheska gurl! ❤ Totally adorbz!

WEEK 24:

Sharkboy’s dogs look like Cerberus, but with 2 heads. Whut.
Brownie (brown dog, duh) barks and barks endlessly until he forgets what he’s barking about to begin with.
Blacky looks like Chewbacca. Hurhurhur.


I knew there was something cute happening

… when Sharkboy picked me up from work yesterday, texting, “Andito na kami.” (We’re here!) Knowing that he wasn’t picking me up with anyone else, I thought it was just a typo, but I was curious, nevertheless.

In the car, Sharkboy was acting his usual hyper self. Then he reached behind me and gave me 2 dolls! Oh! An extension of Valentine’s? I took the dolls and got a jolt of delight. They weren’t just dolls. They were uncannily familiar. HEEHEE. ❤

That’s me and Sharkboy!


Any more doubters???

HEE. I melted in a puddle of hyperventilating girlfriend after I saw the dolls.
They’re just sooooo cute!

Lookit the goatee!

Munster hat and bangs! HEE!

When I calmed down enough to be sensible, Sharkboy told me that these dolls are called Manikako dolls. He had them customized, and volunteers create these dolls from “retasos” or scrap cloth. Proceeds go to charity. Isn’t it awesome? A sweet V-day gift with charitable intent! ❤

If you want to have your own customized dolls made, you can check out their site.

Ribbons, Treats, and Snuggly Pets

Ahhh, Christmas, how I love thee.

I finished wrapping almost 90% of my gifts. I am very pleased with the results. My co-workers are receiving a very Holiday-looking gift. Red striped wrapper, shiny green ribbon and a candy cane treat! YAY *U* Upon seeing my gifts, my sister said, “I want to receive a gift from you now.” BEST COMPLIMENT EVAR.

As the usual Holiday rush attests, it’s one late night after another. All worth it, though. Highest point last week? AVATAR SCREENING. Thanks to Sharkboy’s co-worker’s girlfriend (WHEW), we snagged free passes to the 3D screening. It’s such an AWESOME MOVIE (caps lock, yes. They make me happy). Y’all should catch Avatar now before the MMFF rears it’s head into the theaters.

So, I’m feeling a bit congested with a bad cold? No problemo. I can still scrounge up some Christmas cheer. Of course I can, everybody’s being so generous and helpful, contributing their resources for our IPG Outreach on the 27th. I’ve got a box-ful of goodies for infants, and more to come. I still have to do the groceries from the money we collected. Yay for these blessings. 🙂

Aaaand, for my Christmas gift to anyone who happens to hop onto this page, I am posting the cutest and snuggliest creatures I’ve found over at that addicting blogsite known as Tumblr (don’t be hatin’ WordPress, I still love you!). So here ya go!

Have a wonderful Christmas, guys! =)




Let's snuggle, baybeeee! ❤

Puppy Talk

AHOY! Puppies again! 😀
Litol Obi’s babies are hereeeee!

They’re black, tiny and oh-so-sweet. ❤

Oh, hello! Can you handle my puppy-doggie-blink-blink-stare? :D

Oh, hello! Can you handle my puppy-doggie-blink-blink-stare? 😀

Yes? Can I help you? *U*

Yes? Can I help you? *U*

So suweeeeeet!

So suweeeeeet!

HEEHEEHEE Call me curlytops *-*

HEEHEEHEE Call me curlytops *-*

Uncle Brownie (the most issues-filled dog in the world), chillin' at the Pet Penitentiary. HAHAHA

Uncle Brownie (the most issues-filled dog in the world), chillin' at the Pet Penitentiary. HAHAHA

My name is George, and I mingle with the dawgs.

My name is George, and I mingle with the dawgs.