I just need to put this up here. ❤
I cannot wait for the Avengers movie.

Also, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? That’s just awesome, dudes.


Dreams be Dreams

Chris Nolan does it again. Inception is one of those movies that makes me think and re-think and obsess over it, days after I’ve seen it. It is the same exhilaration I got from watching The Dark Knight and, another of Nolan’s work, Memento. This guy, he knows how to fuck with your mind.

Inception has generated articles and discussions, talking about THAT ENDING. And after all that’s been said, the Pollyanna in me stands out. In my ending, the top stops spinning and Dom is happy, happy with his kids, happy to be free of his dreams.

Thanks, Mr. Nolan, for showing us that films can be more than just sequels or adaptations. Thanks for making us dream again.

Weekends should always be made of these

Labor Day weekend rundown:

  • Free Comic Book Day! Got 4 comic books for free!
  • Started collecting a new comic, Daredevil. It reads like a novel, which for me, makes it the perfect comic book. As a person immersed in novels, a lengthy and wordy comic book is always a good thing for me. Daredevil is one of the most deliciously-complicated characters in the Marvel world.
  • WATCHED IRONMAN 2! I don’t care what critics say, this is a good follow-up to the first movie. ScarJo is gorgeous as the Black Widow, but I loved that she didn’t really steal the show from any of the main protagonists. Mickey Rourke, as expected, KILLED IT. Sam Rockwell is funny as a bumbling bigshot baddie. And RDJ. RDJ is Tony Stark. LOVE IT.
  • Started portraits in pencil and landscapes in pastel. It’s complicated, but very enjoyable learning it. Double the fun, ’cause I get to learn it together with Sharkboy.
  • Then on the 3rd day of the long weekend, I had to go to work for my uh.. sideline. Things are shaping up pretty well. I am very excited for the next step of this project. CHANGE. I love that word.

The weekend was laid-back and hectic at the same time and I enjoyed it immensely. I guess Sharkboy and I crammed everything at once, ’cause the next couple of weeks will be pretty busy for us work-wise, and that was probably one of the last chillax weekends we’ll be having in a long while. So, yeah. A weekend well-spent and well-enjoyed. LIFE SHOULD ALWAYS BE THIS GOOD. ❤

After Easter Rambling Post

How quickly time flies. Easter has come and gone, April is here. Summer is almost halfway done, and now I’m in a rambling mood.

– I had a restful Holy Week, no stress for 4 whole days.
– I’m craving for Hen Lin’s cuapao. Don’t ask me why. I blame Sharkboy.
– Elections in a month! I am afraid for our nation. But I’m a first-time voter, I am very excited 😀
– Oh hello, 4-day work week.
– Must download She & Him Volume 2
– Took a lot of photos the past few days. Greenbelt without the mallers is heavenly.
– I’ve got so many ideas for doing things, I get too excited focusing on one thing.
– BORACAY, wait for me. ❤
– first day back at the office, almost had OT work, good thing I turned it over to another AE before I got sucked into the mess.
– Tumblr. Tumblr is MEH to me lately.
– it is too hot here in the office.
– I am super excited to get my hands on S.H.I.E.L.D. (Unlettered), where Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton are SHIELD agents. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?
– Officemate said, “You look like a baby doll in your dress.” Another one said, “She’s Alice!” (I don’t think I should wear this when meeting with clients, lest I be treated like a child.)
– Oh, Clash of the Titans with Sam Worthington was awesome. Mr. Worthington, you have just reached A-lister status. Carry on with your hotness.

Okay, signing out now. This useless entry is brought to you by the letter B for Bored.

Ribbons, Treats, and Snuggly Pets

Ahhh, Christmas, how I love thee.

I finished wrapping almost 90% of my gifts. I am very pleased with the results. My co-workers are receiving a very Holiday-looking gift. Red striped wrapper, shiny green ribbon and a candy cane treat! YAY *U* Upon seeing my gifts, my sister said, “I want to receive a gift from you now.” BEST COMPLIMENT EVAR.

As the usual Holiday rush attests, it’s one late night after another. All worth it, though. Highest point last week? AVATAR SCREENING. Thanks to Sharkboy’s co-worker’s girlfriend (WHEW), we snagged free passes to the 3D screening. It’s such an AWESOME MOVIE (caps lock, yes. They make me happy). Y’all should catch Avatar now before the MMFF rears it’s head into the theaters.

So, I’m feeling a bit congested with a bad cold? No problemo. I can still scrounge up some Christmas cheer. Of course I can, everybody’s being so generous and helpful, contributing their resources for our IPG Outreach on the 27th. I’ve got a box-ful of goodies for infants, and more to come. I still have to do the groceries from the money we collected. Yay for these blessings. 🙂

Aaaand, for my Christmas gift to anyone who happens to hop onto this page, I am posting the cutest and snuggliest creatures I’ve found over at that addicting blogsite known as Tumblr (don’t be hatin’ WordPress, I still love you!). So here ya go!

Have a wonderful Christmas, guys! =)




Let's snuggle, baybeeee! ❤