I feel like

I’ve been holding my breath for months already. Hoping to get a breather from everything that’s happening. Hoping for things to improve. For life to start happening.

I feel like I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

Sigh. Life.


Restless and a new theme

So, yeah. Another new theme.

This yellow pad layout reminds me of college days, when our professor taught us to write via stream of consciousness. We would do it first thing in the morning as soon as our eyes opened. We’d give ourselves 5 minutes to write about everything that came to our minds.

It was fun. It ended up being a dream journal of sorts. I got a lot out of it. I do believe I still have those yellow sheets with me. I need to find them and laugh at my old self for being: a) a drama queen, b) LAME, c) such a n00b at life, and d) too optimistic to be real.

Now, I’m rambling. And writing as if it was another stream of consciousness exercise. Well, damn. If this theme was meant to bring that out in me, I’ll probably be back to my old lame self by the next entry.

Okay, I’m out. I can’t seem to conclude entries properly now.

After Easter Rambling Post

How quickly time flies. Easter has come and gone, April is here. Summer is almost halfway done, and now I’m in a rambling mood.

– I had a restful Holy Week, no stress for 4 whole days.
– I’m craving for Hen Lin’s cuapao. Don’t ask me why. I blame Sharkboy.
– Elections in a month! I am afraid for our nation. But I’m a first-time voter, I am very excited 😀
– Oh hello, 4-day work week.
– Must download She & Him Volume 2
– Took a lot of photos the past few days. Greenbelt without the mallers is heavenly.
– I’ve got so many ideas for doing things, I get too excited focusing on one thing.
– BORACAY, wait for me. ❤
– first day back at the office, almost had OT work, good thing I turned it over to another AE before I got sucked into the mess.
– Tumblr. Tumblr is MEH to me lately.
– it is too hot here in the office.
– I am super excited to get my hands on S.H.I.E.L.D. (Unlettered), where Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton are SHIELD agents. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?
– Officemate said, “You look like a baby doll in your dress.” Another one said, “She’s Alice!” (I don’t think I should wear this when meeting with clients, lest I be treated like a child.)
– Oh, Clash of the Titans with Sam Worthington was awesome. Mr. Worthington, you have just reached A-lister status. Carry on with your hotness.

Okay, signing out now. This useless entry is brought to you by the letter B for Bored.

Yes, I’m procrastinating by writing a random entry

First off, welcome February!

I won’t bother you guys with the mush for now. But you just wait and see, I have somethin’ prepared for the V-Day post. HEEHEE.

Note to self: At the first twinge of a headache, take painkillers ASAP. I had a massive, head-splitting, exhausting headache last night, which totally ruined my plan to work on my Secret Work Project* last night. Deadline’s coming up fast and I am *almost* in panic mode.

February is also coffee month! Because of my alternate coffee month resolution, I get to have coffee this month! Hooray!

I had a “shoot” with one of my closest friends last weekend. She needed some photos for her modeling set card, I needed to get out and shoot with my new lens. So yay! We did FIVE outfit changes (plus, make-up!), in two locations in Makati. The guards did not disappoint and made it a point to bugger the hell out of us while shooting. We had so much fun, and I cannot wait to schedule another shoot, this time, hopefully, with more helping hands? It’s tough taking photos while shushing the guards. Haha. Can’t wait to review the photos and have them printed!

Oh, Sharkboy and I are on this massive comic book kick. I am gradually re-entering the Marvel Universe and it is so addicting. Methinks this will be good for me, ’cause I need to improve on my dialogue-writing skills.

Aaaand… because I have nothing else to write, I think I’ll just post a photo of my favorite flower to shoot (next to daisies, that is). It won’t be part of Project 52, though, since I took this photo last December. I adore these blooms. They are just so pretty to photograph. They always come out looking velvety and smooth and romantic. ❤ Enough yammering, here it is. 😀

See? So tiny yet pretty!

Okay, I’ve got to stop procrastinating now, ’cause it’s lunch time! HARHAR!

Letters Left Unsent

I used to write quite faithfully to my diary. By ‘write’ I mean literally write long-hand, using a pen, on paper, with no abbreviated words whatsoever.

Today at work, my trusty laptop broke down. No Internet, nothing to keep me occupied. So I cleaned my desk drawers. Underneath a pile of JO’s and Signed CE’s, I found my old diary from the years 2003-2006.  I was so entranced by all my drama during that time, I was such a hopeless, hopeless romantic. 

I particularly had this thing of writing letters I’d never send. I’d just spill my heart out to that person, randomly writing, being mushy and gooey and so hopelessly lovelorn. Looking back, it’s amusing, but at that time, I  really meant every word I wrote.

Here’s one example:

Dear Science Classmate,

You make the 3-hour periods worth it. Even the surprise quizzes and the long boring lectures. Seeing a glimpse of your sweet smile makes up for it. You will always be that boy who stole my heart right from the start.

AWESOME. Lovesick, sappy and utterly hopeless. Hahahaha 😀

Well, I never had the guts to approach this boy, much less give him the letter. But it’s all good. Somehow, it’s fun looking back and having that fairy-tale boy you adored, untarnished by the realities of life. I guess, in my mind, that boy, whereever he is now, will remain that boy who made 3 hours of Science class so worth it.

So, whether you’ll read this or not, thank you, dear boy. You make reminiscing my “youth” so much sweeter.

And even if we’re both happy with our respective lives (I’m sure you are, you’re that sort of person), I’m still glad that when I press “publish”, this unsent letter will be unsent no more. 🙂

Blog Update!

Heeeeeere we go!

LJ. For the survey posts. And the purdeeeee layouts!
Tumblr. ‘Cause Tumblr rocks. And I like making lists.

I have rediscovered my appreciation for wordpress. So I’ve been updating more frequently. HAH. My multiply site has turned into a photodump. Everyone’s so lazy to update anything over there. Facebook has turned into my mobile phone. It’s where I keep in touch with all my friends.

I have not succumbed to Twitter yet. I prefer Plurk for those kinda things. 😉 Is there an online blogsite/social networking site I have not attempted to join? I think not. I am keeerrraaaazeee that way.

And speaking of crazy, would you believe I am only just watching the Saw movies now?
Horror flick FAIL. I am having a marathon tonight!

Anyone want to scream with me?