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Okay, Brangelina, we need to talk.

I know I’ll be seeing a LOT of both of you these days, what with your movies being so critically-acclaimed and all. FINE. I’ll deal with your constant presence in all the awards shows.

But first, a few issues:


Good God, girl! Wear some color!!!


Brad Pitt, I miss your hotness. Stop looking so GD old.
Again, Angelina: red would look fabulous on you, or yellow, or green.


Angie: HAHAHA! Kate Winslet forgot my name!
Me: Serves you right for looking so smug all the time. HMP.


Excuse me, Brangelina, are we in a high school prom?!
It’s a FORMAL Awards Show.
Even the guy at the left seems unimpressed. Actually, he looks annoyed.


GEEEEEEEZ. Seriously, guys.
You’ve got 6 kids! Enough with the PDA!
I understand you don’t have enough alone time with all your kids,
but can’t you just… I dunno… PLAYΒ  FOOTSIES?

And Brad Pitt: You’re looking more hen-pecked by the minute.
Please get some of your balls back.

WHEW. There. That was satisfying.
Carry on with your glamorous-ness, Brangelina.

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Yeah, ’cause you’re so gorgeous.

I heard from mass that people who insult people in a vile and malicious manner are merely INSECURE.

They prey on people and insult and make fun of them because they think that they will appear better by putting other people down.

To this person, we all say, “Awww, dearie… you don’t have to do that. We all understand your pain and insecurities. Now run along and move on.”

*pats back encouragingly*

Dear Chuvaness,

Not everyone has watched the whole season of Gossip Girl. Would it be so hard to put your Gossip Girl spoilers under a freaking LJ cut?

I like your blog, but please refrain from posting spoilers without warnings next time. 😐

P.S. I can’t wait to eat at Pepper Lunch. It looks really really YUM.


Dear Maria Sharapova,

Please stop choking on your matchpoints. Or if you intend on doing it, please don’t let me stay up late to watch you.

P.S. I really like your earrings. πŸ™‚



June 1, 2008, Monday

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal cookie, short latte

LUNCH: Pancit canton, one piece chicken from Chowking, 1 glass of Coke

MERIENDA: Brownie, Tall Zen Iced Tea

DINNER: Baguio Beans in oyster sauce, half-cup of rice, water


I’m extremely annoyed at people who look down on pop culture. I mean, I get that people have different tastes, but it’s another thing when you scorn people because they like something that’s considered pop. Or when you decide to miss out on something just because “everybody’s doing it.”

Case in point – Harry Potter. Don’t be plastic, Harry Potter is a fun, fun read. But I know of people who choose not to read it, just because everyone else was reading it.Β  It could be acceptable if you haven’t started it, and you just refuse to join the bandwagon. Fine. You don’t want to be bourgeoisie. But I know someone who stopped reading it, even if she enjoyed it to begin with.

Why? Why deprive yourself of the fun just because you refuse to join the masses? Stop being such an insufferable snob, why don’t you?

I have to admit, most individuals who have this kind of mentality are the so-called artists. Ooooh, you’re so creative, you must be interested in the unpopular, “indie” things. Gimme a break. Don’t get me wrong. I respect your need for individuality. But what if, for example, the whole world suddenly went on a lomo rampage, are you gonna stop taking lomo photos just because you’re sharing it with everyone else?

I just find it silly that you let other people dictate what you do, just because you don’t want to be like them.

I understand if it’s in fashion. It’s annoying and embarrassing to see someone wearing the same shirt that you’re sporting. But in other things? It’s just silly.

So what if it’s popular? Who gives you the right to look down on what the masses want, anyway? Are you the epitome of good taste yourself? To each his own. If you’re interested in something, then go ahead. If others suddenly like what you like, then by all means, don’t let it stop you from continuing to like it.

Otherwise, you’re just gonna drive yourself crazy running away from what’s popular. Embrace the POP. Give it a chance. And stop being a snob.


Please let me burrow under the covers, and sleep in this cold cold weather. 😐 I’ve never been a fan of rainy weather. My wet toes, damp hems, and humidity-caused wavy hair will attest to that. But if it’s gonna rear it’s ugly head this early in the summer, then please let me enjoy it by snuggling under the sheets and being plain lazy. *sigh*

I’m getting a bad mood just listening to the raindrops on the car’s rooftops. It’s bad enough that I have to lug around an umbrella everywhere I go (which reminds me, I have to buy a lightweight folding umbrella). Even worse, rainy days bring with it a high propensity for disaster and mess. UGH. I mean, come on. Who here likes mud splatters on the hem of your slacks? Sheesh.

I have to hand it to the weather, though. The fashion possibilities are fun. Woohoo. I love wearing warm clothes! Now I can bring out the knits, the 3/4th sleeves, the jackets, and the opaque tights! YAY!

But hold your horses rain gods. I’m still pissed that you’re cutting short my summer fun. HMPF. I’m not entirely satisfied with my tan yet. 😐 So you better shape up and let the sun in!

Yes, I’m ranting again

^ I don’t wanna second-guess you anymore.
^ I’m bored with the daily grind.
^ I haven’t really gotten much rest during the Holy Week.
^ Get well na, Sharkboy.  😦
^ I just wanna take pictures all day, practice with Nikon and my plastic babies.
^ A good long swim at the beach or any pool would feel good, too.
^ My corporate writing skills are sorely lacking these days. Ack.
^ I hate cold and silent treatments. AGH.
^ I wanna go shopping but Glorietta bores me these days.
^ Boo to corporate attire. I miss wearing my Chucks to work.
^ I’ve been having bad dreams for weeks already. =(
^ I blame Anita Shreve’s The Weight of Water for giving me one of the worst dreams last week.
^ I need to trim my bangs soon.
^ Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.