The Brat has Left the Building

The past few weeks have been such a challenge for me and Sharkboy. We’ve been adjusting and readjusting since both our work schedules got muddled up. It’s been tough for us, ’cause I don’t really know what to expect, and unfortunately, it has led to me being such a complete brat and bitch of a girlfriend. And I am extremely ashamed at my behavior. I know it can’t be easy for him as well.

Last night, after weeks of fighting and making up, we finally had a breakthrough. We had a talk, as we usually do, and somehow, it all just became clear to me. It’s really not my place to get mad, or expect for anything. It’s not our choice, growing up means that we have to make sacrifices. It can’t always be us spending unlimited time together. It can’t always be just me and him all the time. And, like a puzzle had been solved, I finally got it.

Sharkboy was smart enough to tell me, weeks ago, that “Love is never giving up.” It is fighting the fight, no matter how difficult it is. It is driving from Makati to Manila, at 10 in the evening, just to spend an hour together. It is waiting for hours, to give someone a giant hug at the end of his tiring day. It is being patient. It is choosing to love, day in and day out.

And I got it, loud and clear. What we have, it is special. It was never a question of whether or not we loved each other. It is simply finding the time to let each other know that. And somehow, in the busyness of his work schedule, Sharkboy never once failed to show me that he loves me.

I know that it’s still going to get tough. I know that the next few months, the upcoming events, will make us see each other less. But having this certainty — the two of us, certain of our love for each other — it somehow makes it easier.

And I will hold on to that thought, and get my strength from it. So when I find myself missing him terribly, I’ll just remember what we talked about, and be happy with the knowledge that we are lucky, extremely lucky, that under all the circumstances, out of all the people in the world, WE FOUND EACH OTHER.

My dear Sharkboy, I am sorry for being difficult the past few weeks. I will be better now. Thank you for never giving up. ❤


One More Day with Spiderman and Maryjane

Peter and MaryJane’s love story just makes me weep 😦 This is one of the most poignant moments in comic book history, in my opinion. It’s unbearably sad to see such a pure love be taken away with such finality.

Reading this puts the Scott-Jean Grey love angle to shame. Now, this is what a real comicbook love should be.

Le sigh. I can’t wait for these two to rediscover their love for each other.

To my very own comicbook sweetie,

Thank you for getting me this book, even if it was YOUR birthday when you got it for me. Thank you for reminding me of Marvel’s wonders 😉 Thank you for sharing with me these emotions.

I love you always,


Sharkboy doing the "Cyclops Face" HEEHEE.

I want to be where your heart is home

California is a great big nation of one
They never knew what they wanted til it was already gone
What do they do with the light in the morning when they wake up alone?
They just go home
They just go home

You’re the nicest, nicest boy I’ve ever met
and then
I think about you then I think about you again
And again

Why don’t we just sit and stare and do nothing?
Nothing at all for a while
I like the way you smile

I could be your state and I could be your nation
It doesn’t get better than home, now does it?
Doesn’t get better than home, now does it? (x3)

I could be your welcome, I could be your greeter
I could be sweet and I could be sweeter
I want to be where your heart is home (x3)

I want to see you with the light in the morning
There’s never been such a beautiful warning to me, to me
Why don’t we just sit and stare and do nothing?
Nothing at all for a while, I like the way you smile

I could be your state and I could be your nation
It doesn’t get better than home, now does it?
Doesn’t get better than home, now does it? (x3)

I could be your welcome, I could be your greeter
I could be sweet and I could be sweeter
I want to be where your heart is home (x3)

I want to be where your heart is home..

– Home, She & Him Volume 2

Weekends should always be made of these

Labor Day weekend rundown:

  • Free Comic Book Day! Got 4 comic books for free!
  • Started collecting a new comic, Daredevil. It reads like a novel, which for me, makes it the perfect comic book. As a person immersed in novels, a lengthy and wordy comic book is always a good thing for me. Daredevil is one of the most deliciously-complicated characters in the Marvel world.
  • WATCHED IRONMAN 2! I don’t care what critics say, this is a good follow-up to the first movie. ScarJo is gorgeous as the Black Widow, but I loved that she didn’t really steal the show from any of the main protagonists. Mickey Rourke, as expected, KILLED IT. Sam Rockwell is funny as a bumbling bigshot baddie. And RDJ. RDJ is Tony Stark. LOVE IT.
  • Started portraits in pencil and landscapes in pastel. It’s complicated, but very enjoyable learning it. Double the fun, ’cause I get to learn it together with Sharkboy.
  • Then on the 3rd day of the long weekend, I had to go to work for my uh.. sideline. Things are shaping up pretty well. I am very excited for the next step of this project. CHANGE. I love that word.

The weekend was laid-back and hectic at the same time and I enjoyed it immensely. I guess Sharkboy and I crammed everything at once, ’cause the next couple of weeks will be pretty busy for us work-wise, and that was probably one of the last chillax weekends we’ll be having in a long while. So, yeah. A weekend well-spent and well-enjoyed. LIFE SHOULD ALWAYS BE THIS GOOD. ❤

Geek out Sunday!

Attended Renaissance last Sunday at Megamall, which is like Manila’s own Comic Con. Sharkboy and I literally geeked out at all these Comic Book artists in one place, mingling and being so nice to all their fans.

Love your own! These Pinoy comic book artists are unsung heroes. We should pay tribute to them more. Do you know that a LOT of our artists have worked for Disney, Pixar, Marvel and DC? We need more publicity for these guys. Let’s give equal exposure to them for being so great and whooping some serious ass in the international comic book/cartoon scene.

Anyway, here’s our Geek Out Sunday, in pictures.

Started the day with a delicious Almon Marina lunch.

Then a quick visit to Toy Kingdom

Sharkboy photobombing The Hulk.

Off to Renaissance! Here’s the original Alaska boy art. 😀

First “victim” of our geekery: Budjette Tan of Trese fame!
We had him sign ALL of our Trese copies. WOOT.

Plus this:  The Last Datu

(He has no idea he’ll be ripped in half in Siege#2!)

Some Kate Beckinsale for you guys. 😉

Here we go. Paolo Fabregas and LEINIL YU!!!


Jiggy Cruz was there too!

Kajo Baldisimo!

Leinil Yu + Gerry Alanguilan (who drew a chicken head on my Elmer copy!)

We topped our day with YUMMY sweet treats from Iceberg’s.

Aaaand THAT’S how geeks spend a perfect day. ❤

I knew there was something cute happening

… when Sharkboy picked me up from work yesterday, texting, “Andito na kami.” (We’re here!) Knowing that he wasn’t picking me up with anyone else, I thought it was just a typo, but I was curious, nevertheless.

In the car, Sharkboy was acting his usual hyper self. Then he reached behind me and gave me 2 dolls! Oh! An extension of Valentine’s? I took the dolls and got a jolt of delight. They weren’t just dolls. They were uncannily familiar. HEEHEE. ❤

That’s me and Sharkboy!


Any more doubters???

HEE. I melted in a puddle of hyperventilating girlfriend after I saw the dolls.
They’re just sooooo cute!

Lookit the goatee!

Munster hat and bangs! HEE!

When I calmed down enough to be sensible, Sharkboy told me that these dolls are called Manikako dolls. He had them customized, and volunteers create these dolls from “retasos” or scrap cloth. Proceeds go to charity. Isn’t it awesome? A sweet V-day gift with charitable intent! ❤

If you want to have your own customized dolls made, you can check out their site.

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

– ee cummings

When you find a Love that lets you get mushy in the same way as this poem, DON’T EVER LET GO.
When you find someone who can hold your hand, make you hopeful even when there are fears for the future, DON’T LET GO.

When you find a Love that lets you get geeky, let’s you have moments together that literally make you snort, makes 10 AM- 10 PM feel like an hour, and generally just gives you an over-all feeling of comfortable togetherness, NEVER, EVER LET GO.

I’m thankful, so thankful that such a Love exists in my life right now. And this Valentine’s Day, I celebrate that Love. I give thanks for that Love. Any excuse to celebrate Love is good enough for me. 😉

On February 14, let’s all revel in the Love. Let’s celebrate Love in all its mushy glory. Let’s all carry (his) heart in our hands, and wear our hearts on our sleeves. ❤