A couple of weeks ago, I “celebrated” my Rebirthday. It’s a private date for me, no one’s ever found out about it, but it was the exact date when I had the worst heartbreak of my life.

I used to be this girl who believed in fairy tales and ever afters. I used to believe in destiny and knowing for a fact that someone is meant for you, that you will find that someone who will be your Forever.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not that girl anymore. Not as naive anymore, not as wide-eyed. I remember wanting to hold on to the idealism, to the romance of it all. But somehow, over the years, it just slipped away. Maybe now, I have more realistic expectations, more grounded dreams.

I know now that Forever does not necessarily have to happen in one lifetime. Maybe, you find The One in your next life, or the life after that. Or maybe you did already, and now you’re just waiting to find him again.

I guess now, there really isn’t any room for that One Epic Love. Maybe that doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe all you can hope for is to find that one person you can share the same interests with. Find that one person you have MAD CHEMISTRY with. Find that person who makes you act like a loony in random moments. Maybe you don’t need GRAND gestures, or a life-changing moment. Maybe you just have to find that someone who makes you laugh endlessly.

Maybe you just need to find that person who you know is yours with everything that you are. And knowing that you are his too, with everything that he is.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s more than enough.


Writing Challenge #2: Something You Feel Strongly About

I’ve said it a million times and I am saying it again: My ultimate dream is to one day see Michael Jordan in the flesh. I would love it if I could see him playing, but since he has retired from the game, then just seeing him, and being near him is more than enough.

Ever since the late 90’s, when he came back from his first retirement, I have been steadily getting passionate about Michael Jordan. I respect him, I am in awe at his character. I remember that I was a writer for my school paper at that time, and I wrote a poem about him. I know, I’m crazy. I don’t even play basketball.

I can point to that moment when I said to myself that Michael Jordan is someone that will mean a lot to me – not because I have met him personally but because of the passion he exudes for the game. That moment is forever known in history as the “flu game”. Battling a very bad stomach flu during Game 5 of the Finals series between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan made the game winning shot to give the Bulls a 3-2 series lead. Jordan was so exhausted after the game, he had to be carried and supported by his team mate and friend, Scottie Pippen. It was an iconic moment, and it defined who Michael Jordan is. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. This is a man who absolutely refuses to lose. This is a man who plays with all his heart, no matter what the circumstances. It is classic Jordan, and he will forever be the Greatest Of All Time.

Naturally, since I am not a basketball player, one would think that this adoration for Michael Jordan would not lead to anything. The truth could not be farther from that. Because of Michael Jordan, I learned to strive for what I want. It is not enough to be present, you also have to step up. You have to stop making excuses, you have to stop waiting for the perfect circumstances. You just have to jump in, play the game with all your heart  and WIN – at all costs.



Writing Challenge #1

I promised myself not so long ago, that I would write more often. I’ve been keeping a journal religiously, but since it remains a personal piece for me, I don’t really edit and critique what I write in it. It’s more of just a place for me to spill out everything without embarrassing myself in the internet stratosphere. Thanks to Twitter, and all these listicles, I haven’t had the desire to write long blog entries lately. I just feel that there is too much effort in writing everything down in complete paragraphs and sentences. WHICH IS SAD, REALLY. Good thing I chanced upon this Writing Challenge somewhere on Facebook. There are 30 topics for me to write about, and it’s doing its purpose of inspiring me to write blog entries again.

So, yeah. Here goes nothing.

I’m going to start light and begin this writing challenge with a list-type of article. The first topic: 5 Ways to Win Your (My) Heart. Pretty straight-forward, pretty easy. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Basketball. At one point during my “self-discovery year”, I realized that basketball is one of my deal breakers. I will need someone who loves basketball as much as I do. Someone who watches it as avidly as I do, and someone who knows more about it than I do. If you scratch your head and ask me what a traveling violation is, I will honestly look at you with a disappointed look on my face. SORRY.
  2. Food. You HAVE to like food as much as I do. The whole point in having a relationship is to have someone to go on random and obscure food trips with.
  3. Travel. Ditto with traveling. If you are simply too scared to go on an adventure with me, I’ll just go on an adventure with someone else.
  4. Vanity / Cleanliness. It doesn’t hurt to pay attention to your looks. I am not asking that you look like Ryan Gosling, for godsakes, just show me that appearances matter for you, and that you make enough effort to look good, and (ALWAYS) smell good. SMELLING GOOD IS EVERYTHING.
  5. Personality. Please, for the love of God, have one. Own it, and be proud of it. I am not asking that you be a weird person. I just want you to have your own personality, your own interests. I am very much willing to share my interests with you, and am very interested in learning about yours. Show me what you want and what keeps you passionate, I’ll love you for it. And no, “PASSIONATE FOR ALCOHOL” IS NOT A PERSONALITY.

Well, that was easy. I am quite liking these writing challenges.
I’ll probably make this a weekly thing.