I just need to put this up here. ❤
I cannot wait for the Avengers movie.

Also, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? That’s just awesome, dudes.


One More Day with Spiderman and Maryjane

Peter and MaryJane’s love story just makes me weep 😦 This is one of the most poignant moments in comic book history, in my opinion. It’s unbearably sad to see such a pure love be taken away with such finality.

Reading this puts the Scott-Jean Grey love angle to shame. Now, this is what a real comicbook love should be.

Le sigh. I can’t wait for these two to rediscover their love for each other.

To my very own comicbook sweetie,

Thank you for getting me this book, even if it was YOUR birthday when you got it for me. Thank you for reminding me of Marvel’s wonders 😉 Thank you for sharing with me these emotions.

I love you always,


Sharkboy doing the "Cyclops Face" HEEHEE.

Weekends should always be made of these

Labor Day weekend rundown:

  • Free Comic Book Day! Got 4 comic books for free!
  • Started collecting a new comic, Daredevil. It reads like a novel, which for me, makes it the perfect comic book. As a person immersed in novels, a lengthy and wordy comic book is always a good thing for me. Daredevil is one of the most deliciously-complicated characters in the Marvel world.
  • WATCHED IRONMAN 2! I don’t care what critics say, this is a good follow-up to the first movie. ScarJo is gorgeous as the Black Widow, but I loved that she didn’t really steal the show from any of the main protagonists. Mickey Rourke, as expected, KILLED IT. Sam Rockwell is funny as a bumbling bigshot baddie. And RDJ. RDJ is Tony Stark. LOVE IT.
  • Started portraits in pencil and landscapes in pastel. It’s complicated, but very enjoyable learning it. Double the fun, ’cause I get to learn it together with Sharkboy.
  • Then on the 3rd day of the long weekend, I had to go to work for my uh.. sideline. Things are shaping up pretty well. I am very excited for the next step of this project. CHANGE. I love that word.

The weekend was laid-back and hectic at the same time and I enjoyed it immensely. I guess Sharkboy and I crammed everything at once, ’cause the next couple of weeks will be pretty busy for us work-wise, and that was probably one of the last chillax weekends we’ll be having in a long while. So, yeah. A weekend well-spent and well-enjoyed. LIFE SHOULD ALWAYS BE THIS GOOD. ❤

Yes, I’m procrastinating by writing a random entry

First off, welcome February!

I won’t bother you guys with the mush for now. But you just wait and see, I have somethin’ prepared for the V-Day post. HEEHEE.

Note to self: At the first twinge of a headache, take painkillers ASAP. I had a massive, head-splitting, exhausting headache last night, which totally ruined my plan to work on my Secret Work Project* last night. Deadline’s coming up fast and I am *almost* in panic mode.

February is also coffee month! Because of my alternate coffee month resolution, I get to have coffee this month! Hooray!

I had a “shoot” with one of my closest friends last weekend. She needed some photos for her modeling set card, I needed to get out and shoot with my new lens. So yay! We did FIVE outfit changes (plus, make-up!), in two locations in Makati. The guards did not disappoint and made it a point to bugger the hell out of us while shooting. We had so much fun, and I cannot wait to schedule another shoot, this time, hopefully, with more helping hands? It’s tough taking photos while shushing the guards. Haha. Can’t wait to review the photos and have them printed!

Oh, Sharkboy and I are on this massive comic book kick. I am gradually re-entering the Marvel Universe and it is so addicting. Methinks this will be good for me, ’cause I need to improve on my dialogue-writing skills.

Aaaand… because I have nothing else to write, I think I’ll just post a photo of my favorite flower to shoot (next to daisies, that is). It won’t be part of Project 52, though, since I took this photo last December. I adore these blooms. They are just so pretty to photograph. They always come out looking velvety and smooth and romantic. ❤ Enough yammering, here it is. 😀

See? So tiny yet pretty!

Okay, I’ve got to stop procrastinating now, ’cause it’s lunch time! HARHAR!